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The Brazilian Reproducibility Network (BrRN) is a multidisciplinary and multi-institutional initiative to promote transparent and reliable research practices in the Brazilian scientific community. We recognize the need to evaluate and improve practices in different areas of science through methodological rigor, collaboration and transparency. We bring researchers and institutions together to foster the debate on reproducibility in research. We promote training and meta-research to study and improve the scientific process.


Our aim is to congregate groups and institutions from different regions of the country and areas of knowledge, catalyzing existing efforts to promote rigorous, reliable and transparent science in Brazil. Specific goals include:

  1. Linking researchers, groups and institutions interested in reproducibility, experimental design, responsible research practices, open science and related areas;

  2. Curating existing material and producing original resources on these topics for educational purposes;

  3. Promoting and disseminating principles of open and reproducible science in the Brazilian scientific community;

  4. Encouraging interaction among participants to foster equity, diversity and inclusion;

  5. Promoting and publicizing events that aim to reflect on how to improve the scientific process


Coordinating team

The Coordinating team is made up of individual members or representatives of BrRN member groups. Once the network is formed, new members will be elected periodically by a simple majority of current BrRN members.

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