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Reproducibility materials

Reproducibility concepts

Reproducibility and Replicability in Science

US National Academies report on reproducibility

What does research reproducibility mean?

Article proposing a basic terminology on scientific reproducibility

What is replication?

A more in-depth discussion about what constitutes a replication

Recommendations for researchers

Best Practices Guide in Open and Reproducible Science

Guide to best practices for researchers (in Portuguese and English) published by the Serrapilheira Institute

Open Research Primers

Compilation of basic guides on open science by the UK Reproducibility Network

A manifesto for reproducible science

Seminal article with recommendations for researchers, institutions and funders by experts on reproducibility.

Guide for Open Data in Research

Understand open science concepts and adapt to the growing trend of making data obtained in research available. Learn what to include, how to name it, how to detail it, who to allow access to, which license to use and where to store your data.

Training material


Open Science Training Materials Collection


Collection of materials to integrate open science practices into research training.

Embassy of Good Science

Scientific integrity and research ethics training materials

NIH Rigor and Reproducibility Training

Video and webinar series on reproducibility published by the US National Institutes of Health

Repositories and infrastructure

Open Science Framework

A platform for data, preprints and protocol registration maintained by the Center for Open Science


Data repository maintained by an international consortium led by Harvard University


Open data repository maintained by the Springer Nature group

Repository for sharing protocols between researchers


Code repository for shared use

Experimental design and reporting guidelines

The Experimental Design Assistant

NC3Rs tool for designing preclinical studies

The EQUATOR Network

Collection of reporting guides for numerous types of studies in the clinical and biomedical field

Power and Sample Size

Collection of online calculators for calculating statistical power and sample size

International organizations

UK Reproducibility Network

A pioneering initiative in the UK that serves a hub for reproducibility networks in other countries


Australia-based Association for Metascience and Open Science

Center for Open Science

American organization dedicated to promoting open science and reproducibility


Consortium of American Universities promoting open science

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