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Institutional Members

Institutional Members, such as institutes, departments, postgraduate programs, universities and funding agencies, can formally join RBR, as long as they commit to encouraging and disseminating RBR's objectives within the Institution. It is up to RBR to define possible forms of compensation together with interested institutions. The institution must also have a designated contact person who represents it in the RBR.

How can Institutional Members join the BrRN?

Institutions (universities, research institutes, departments, etc.) can become institutional members of the network if they offer a concrete counterpart of institutional actions dedicated to reproducibility. Such actions include (a) the designation of a member or committee dedicated to the topic within its institutional framework, (b) the periodic holding of activities such as symposiums, disciplines, journal clubs, workshops or courses on the topic, (c) holding or concrete support for research projects in the area, (d) objective incentives for reproducibility in personnel or project selection processes, or (e) other activities that may contribute to the topic at the network's discretion.


A member of the Institution must present themselves as the institution's point of contact and assume the respective responsibilities. Interested institutions must contact the coordination directly to schedule a meeting and define compensation.

To sign up, fill out the membership form for institutions (click here).

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