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Groups can be research groups, laboratories, initiatives, independent organizations and other self-managed movements. The Groups are autonomous initiatives that propagate objectives common to RBR in their communities (establishing working groups, conducting training, promoting the adoption of responsible research practices, etc.). Each group must have a person designated as the main RBR contact who represents the other members. Groups are self-organized, but RBR encourages them to promote the inclusion of academics, researchers and professionals at all levels among their members.

How can Groups join the BrRN?

Groups must submit a cover letter in the form below describing (a) the scope and proposal of the group, (b) actions it has taken in the last 5 years to promote reproducibility, transparency and good practices in research, (c) a plan of actions to be developed in the next year that fit into the network's mission and (d) links to websites, social networks or other group materials available online.


A member of the Group must present themselves as the group's point of contact and assume the respective responsibilities. The coordination will assess whether the group is within the scope of the network and will schedule a meeting for a first conversation in order to align intentions and projects.

To register, fill out the group membership form (click here).

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