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Individual members

Individual Members can be researchers of any level (undergraduate students, graduate students, post-doctors, professors and others), committed, at the time of application, to activities to promote reproducibility, transparency and good research practices. Such activities may include events, training and specific disciplines, as well as study groups, open conversations, scientific dissemination activities and research projects on the topic. RBR encourages individuals within the same institution to form local groups when appropriate.

How can Individual Members join RBR?

Individual members must send a cover letter describing (a) their motivations for joining the Brazilian Reproducibility Network, (b) actions they have taken in the last 5 years to promote reproducibility, transparency and good practices in research and (c ) a plan of actions to be developed next year that fit into the network's mission. 


The network will accept as members individuals who engage with the topic through participation or organization of activities such as scientific dissemination, academic leagues, events, lectures, debates, training, disciplines, study groups, mentoring or research projects on the topic. Each application will be evaluated individually by the network coordination.

To sign up, complete the membership form for individuals (click here).

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